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Walk the Talk

More efficient technologies and methods of harvesting energy from natural resources has not lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emission in any European country so far. Sadly the contrary is the case.


Technological inventions are not enough, they need to be paired with “social inventions”. Nothing would benefit our planet more if we could find a way to make smaller cars fashionable, “no flight holidays” exciting, vegetarian/local/seasonal/vegan food delicious, a cold shower refreshing, cycling to work enjoyable ,...

“The One World Challenge” (www.oneworldchallenge.me) aims to do exactly this. In small teams students from all over Europe participate in the challenge and experiment with a more sustainable lifestyle for three weeks. In a group of friends, changing everyday habits and sharing ideas becomes easy and fun.

In previous One World Challenges more than 2000 people have participated completing more than 100 000 actions. But most importantly, we had fun! Join the challenge and register:

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