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Hi! We are the team "Compitas"!

Hello! We are the team "Compitas" from ITESM (Monterrey Institute of Tecnology) in Mexico. Our team name comes from the plural diminutive of the spanish word "compadre" that is commonly used to refer to a very good friend who probably is your children's godfather <3 We are 5 members in total. We couldn't take a picture together because we're all scattered! But let me introduce us briefly.

From left to right, the first one is Luis Javier Fernández from Saltillo Marketing student. Top center guy is Eduardo Licona, enrolled at Columbia University international exchange program for Finance majors. a is Bottom center is Nicole Velázquez from Playa del Carmen who is a Journalism and International Affairs student currently in Barcelona on her exchange year. Following is José Corrales also on an exchange program at Columbia University for Film studies. The guy on the far left is Daniel Luján from Tijuana currently majoring in Media and Communications studies.

We are having a blast with the challenge, we hope you are too. <3