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A fruit Christmas Card to your friend.

I want to write a postcard to Nature, but I won’t do it, because I know that the postcards are made from her children.
So what can we do when we have to write a postcard, like the Christmas? Here I want to suggest you to write a fruit Christmas card instead of the paper one.
When I studied in the university, I joined a group called Green Road Association. Each year, we went out in the street advertising our services: Buy fruit postcard, get free delivery. The fruits postcard we sold were all carefully selected and painted (you can the photos below), when we delivered the fruits to the recipients, we gave them the postcard and also the wishes.
So why not buy a fruit Christmas card to your friends in this year’s Christmas? I am sure that your friends are going to love it.



guo jingjing
1 year 3 weeks ago

So cuttttttttttte!

Yibing ZHAO
1 year 3 weeks ago

wow, good idea!!!