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Congratulations to all the RS Vienna 2017 Challenge participants!

After these 3 thrilling days, the RS Vienna 2017 Challenge has now reached its successful end. We would like to congratulate all 117 participants from the 11 teams for completing an amazing 1'060 actions. 

If you would like to view / download the End Ranking just click on the link below:

Download End Ranking

The Challenge team would like to thank all EYP members sincerely for their participation, constructive feedback, and incredible commitment. We hope you had a very enjoyable experience and wish you a safe trip home to your respective countries. 

If you enjoyed this light version of the challenge and would like to experience our more extensive challenge, we invite you to participate in the Zero Waste Challenge. All of us make decisions every day that impact how much garbage we send to the landfill and waste-to-energy facility. The Zero Waste Challenge is about figuring out how to greatly reduce that garbage.

Join now 


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