About us

Welcome to the One World Movement.
Making a difference one small action at a time.

Our vision is to live in a society, which globally ensures high well-being to present and future generations while respecting the ecological boundaries of the planet. We contribute to realize this vision by empowering individuals and organizations to act more responsibly in day-to-day decisions.

Our ambition is to motivate 1'000'000 people by 2020 to start acting more sustainably. Our online platform and evaluation system allows us to keep track of our progress.

Check out our TED TalkDuring TEDxYouth@Adliswil, Christian spoke about the journey of WeAct: to make sustainability achieve mainstream adoption. As opposed to punishment, or "shamification," WeAct relies on team dynamics, learning by doing and the concept of gamification (using game elements in a non game context) to make the quest for sustainability into an interactive experience. Through their innovative approach WeAct has helped change the behavior of more than 1000 persons in companies, universities and schools, and this is just the beginning


WeAct Students

The WeAct Students are a group of students who are enthusiastic about sustainable lifestyle. We have experienced how fun, inspiring and easy it is to implement small sustainable actions in our daily life. And we want to share this experience. 

We are no tree huggers or fundamentalists. We respect and endorse that every individual is unique, wonderful and has their own way of living. We just love adventures! Come and join our journey- but make it your way!

We are always looking for motivated people to join our team. If you want to become part of WeAct, just drop us an email.

Besides the student organisation that runs the University One World Challenge, WeAct is also a ETH Zurich spin-off company. It develops the online platform and organises corporate employee engagement programs for companies and municipalities.



Scaling up the Challenge

In order to reach more people and motivate people around the World to become more sustainable, we will soon run the next Challenge. Interested? Contact us


How can you participate?

It’s time to think big and we are looking for student organizations or motivated individuals that want to become an Ambassador and host the Challenge at their campus.

Become an Ambassador


How to contact us

Any questions, ideas or comments? We are always happy to hear from you! Just drop us an email.


Organisers OWC Spring 2016: Philipp Braeuninger-Weimer, Max Stammnitz, Fee Schierle, Michelle Cooper