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OWC Mannequin Challenge

What's up with this Mannequin Challenge?

The Mannequin Challenge is the standing still craze that has taken social media by storm. The rules are simple. Get a group together. Strike a pose. Then stay still as the camera weaves through a scene frozen in time -- like walking through a picture.

CBS News: "Behind the Mannequin Challenge, the Internet's newest phenomenon"


What's this gotta do with the One World Challenge?

We have decided to give it a One World spin by making it the last and final Flash Challenge for this OWC edition. Rather than just striking a pose without meaning, let's showcase our sustainable Lifestye with the proposed OWC actions on the platform the most funny and original way possible. Let your imagination go wild. 

And what happens once i have my awesome video?

Share your experience and your creativity by sending us the video or video link via email (oneworld@weact.ch), posting it directly on the Community news page or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account using the hashtag #oneworldchallenge, #mannequinchallenge

We are looking forward to seeing your creation.