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The One World Community hosts the RS Vienna 2017 Challenge

European Youth Parliament Regional Session Vienna 2017

At the RS Vienna 2017 over 70 participants from all over Europe will gather in Austria's capital in February to discuss the most pressing issues in the field of sustainability and find solutions for them. 

Why a RS Vienna 2017 Challenge?

Go beyond theoretical discussion.

In Vienna, we do not only want to discuss about life-changing initiative and sustainable policies, we want to experience sustainable day-to-day actions.

With the game-like Sustainability Challenge that we are organising together with the Swiss start-up WeAct, we encourage every participant of Vienna to experience and develop more sustainable living habits across countries, generations and cultures.

Here’s why we are organising this challenge:

  • Leading with example: Rather than just talking about sustainability, learn and show with your actions your sustainable lifestyle.
  • Using new technologies for learning: In this challenge, technology will work with us as an enabler: a tailor-made, gamified and modern approach can playfully create a basic understanding of sustainable behavior.
  • Measuring our impact: The environmental and social impact of the Challenge can be measured, being a starting point for similar broader efforts within EYP.

It takes time to create sustainable habits and we should all start in Vienna !

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