Our Awareness of the State of the World

There is a growing awareness among citizens around the World that sustainability is a serious issue. Or as we understand it, it is a real Challenge. 

Climate change is broadcasted widely in the media nowadays. We can read, hear and see about catastrophic things that will happen or are happening already. 

Currently we are using 50 per cent more resources than the earth can provide. If everyone lived like a European we would need 3 planets to sustain life. But we only have ONE WORLD.

So what can we do about it?

Our lifestyle is the root cause of climate change. To ensure a prosperous future, not only for us but for all the generations to come we should make changes to the way we consume and use resources. It is about developing a new way to live, work and play which allows us to have a better quality of life and is compatible with the planet’s resources. It’s about becoming the solution to the problem through our own actions and decisions.



High awareness -  low priority

Unfortunately, there remains a significant gap between between awareness and actually taking actions to solve the problem.

This contradiction of high awareness and low priority is principally due to the ineffectiveness of typical awareness campaigns. Some conventional awareness raising approaches—such as fear creation, moralizing, and providing information—are insufficient in fostering positive behavior change.

So how do we get people to act?

In order to get people to act, it is necessary to not only deliver information but also to offer an experience! 

An experience, in which everyone can get involved on a personal level and also with friends and family.

Creating an atmosphere, where a sustainable lifestyle is a fun and engaging experience is essential  in bridging the gap between awareness and action.


Gamifying sustainability

Changing behaviour with fun


Gamification is the application of game design principles to non-game environments. It is not about designing games, but learning from them and applying the insights into other areas. Gamification motivates players by showing them the Path to Mastery. It makes technology and business more inviting by taking advantage of people’s innate enjoyment of play.


Online Technologies

We are “digital natives”. We grew up with the internet and computers and it has shaped and will continue to shape our lives. 

This means that if you are “online most of the time” and we want to reach out to you, we need to be doing it through the internet, using this technologies at our disposal.



We are social beings and most of our behaviour is influenced by our social context. By using team dynamics we increase social interaction between participants making the process of change more motivating and enjoyable. After all ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’